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    Mehfil MH-5 Classic

    Audionic is the only electronic brand which has chosen MADINA MUNAWARA as its place to launch its new brand Mehfil series. Audionic always worked as trend setter in the market which has previously set remarkable image in consumer mind. Audionic always come up with new innovative products in the market previously according to the needs and demands of consumer. After great success in the past decade, audionic has now change its traditional successful strategy into event strategy, which states that how the speakers electronic industry audionic will target it’s market in the main religious events. In period of Ramadan ul Mubarak Audionic Pakistan came up with Tarawi speakers especially targeted to people who offer TARAWI at home, which has resulted in a very positive response. Now Audionic, once again come up with new innovative series of speakers with name MEHFIL. Mehfil series is a brand new contribution in audionic series, which has a theme ‘’To dress your Religious home Mehfil (Religious Gathering) with our Audionic Mehfil speakers”. As a team, we worked hard with our research department on the queries and issues of consumer and came up with the new innovative style speakers for our upcoming idea with name Mehfil on the birthday of our beloved Holly Prophet (P.B.U.H). It’s the happiest moment for all the Muslims of entire world and everyone on this event recall this day with an open heart. BUY COMPARE
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    Delivery date: 4-6 days
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