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    Rehmat-e-Shereen is the benchmark for the best Mithai (Sweets) in Pakistan and abroad. Serving our sweets and other culinary delights at seven different localities in Karachi as well as distributed in other countries all over the globe. We maintain the same superior quality and values of our forefathers.
    Rehmat-e-Shereen, established in 1990, is well known in traditional sweets that today most places dare not venture into. We pride ourselves to be the elite in the business as we have evolved beyond the boundaries of a Halwai or a Bakery rather the only place to be when celebrating a life event or sharing a treat with a loved one.


    It all started with a lot of Khoya and the dream of a man who persevered his way in the old streets of Karachi to the top. Haji Jan Muhammad migrated from Haryana, India and brought with him the art of Khoya (condensed milk). The family secret recipes merged with the flavor of city of lights into something spectacular. It was then he realized that he had a responsibility. Haji sahab and his 5 sons started only the holiest of all endeavors! To start a Mithai shop; spreading love all around and using their trademark Khoya to the world that needed it the most.
    Starting from humble beginnings this family never looked back and mustered on as they gradually progressed from producing khoya in 1960’s to distribution in late 70’s until; finally opening the very first branch of ‘Rehmat-e-Shereen’ in 1990 at the iconic Tariq Road, Karachi. In 1995 Rehmat-e-Shereen started exporting its celebrated sweets all over the world. Today Rehmat-e-Shereen has 7 branches in Karachi and our sweets are distributed and sold in other countries as well


    Rehmat-e-Shereen sees its responsibility as one of the few things that represent Pakistan positively in its time of need. We want to spread the message of love and celebration hence we have chosen the field of giving the sweetest gifts we know – ‘Rehmat-e-Shereen ki Mithai’.
    We are committed to continue our legacy.


    Our mithai is famous all over the globe and even foreigners have developed taste to some of our delicacies. We believe our future lies in preserving our moral values and passing on the family recipes to make the best mithai all over the globe.

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    Akhrot Halwa 1Kg

    Akhrot Halwa is a kind of walnut crumble that is widely popular in South Asia and the Middle East. It is a rich dark and luxurious sweet with a chewy and soft feel that melts in the mouth, leaving you tempting for more.

    Angoothay Paiday 1Kg

    Angoothay Paiday are a special and regal delight for every occasion. They are made with pure khoya (condensed milk) and then Zafran(Saffron) is added for an extra flavor.

    Arabic Baklava 1Kg

    Baklava is a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of Filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with syrup or honey.

    Badam Halwa 1Kg

    Badam Halwa is a regal dessert fit for Kings! This exuberant delight is made from a mix of finely grounded almonds with milk, khoya and sugar.

    Balushahi 1Kg

    Balushahi (also spelled Bhadushahi) are made from a stiff dough made with all purpose flour, ghee and a pinch of baking soda. They are very sweet and asty with a slightly flaky texture.

    Besan Laddu 1Kg

    Besan Laddo (Gram Flour Sweet Balls) is a traditional Pakistani sweet that has an inspiring taste and texture.

    Cham Cham 1Kg

    Cham Cham, Chomchom, or chum chum is a traditional Bengali sweet that is popular in Bangladesh. It comes in a variety of colors, mainly light pink, light yellow, and white. It is also coated with coconut flakes or pista slices as a garnish.

    Cherry Halwa 1Kg

    Cherry Halwa is a perfect blend of ghee,flour, sugar and khoya to made irresistible dessert mixed with cherries. Share it with your friends or family on any special day and let their taste buds experience a buttery sensation.

    Coconut Barfi 1Kg

    Coconut Burfi is a classic and traditional recipe of an sub-continental sweet that is prepared during festivals and special occasions.

    Coconut Halwa 1Kg

    Coconut Halwa is a very popular delight of the Indian sub-continent. It is made out of finely chopped coconut(khopra) in desi ghee and some other ingredients

    Cocunut Chamcham 1Kg

    Kheer Mohan or coconut chamcham is a distinctive golden brown sponge of Milk curd originating from Bengal that will truly have your taste buds tingling.

    Dhaka Cham Cham 1Kg

    Dhaka Chamcham is a variant of the plain cham cham, with a bit similar taste but a different texture and colour.


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